• At Abani Rugs, no matter what stage you’re at in the home style process, we’re here for you. We understand how one rug can pull together your entire space, providing the warmth and comfort your home needs for years to come. 

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  • Eurofase Lighting offers products that deliver aesthetic appeal, stellar performance, and long-lasting tested quality.

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  • Your choice for inspired living

    Travelling to other countries, gathering inspiration from different cultures and paying homage to craftsmanship both past and present, Dutchbone delivers truly unique interior pieces made to capture a moment in time.

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  • We dedicate ourselves to the ethos of play. We explore with enthusiasm, design with humour, and create with the curiosity of a lifelong learner, and most importantly, we respect and nurture our greatest asset - our creative instinct.

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  • A collection of tough, contemporary and attractive home products. With WOOOD you give an interior or room a challenging look again! Characteristic for the collection of WOOOD is the Dutch craftsmanship in combination with pure materials and - not unimportantly - a unique design.

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  • Creating a safe haven, where you can calm down and be yourself. To make your own space as comforting as can be and evoke a sense of home. With our contemporary range of furniture, lighting and accessories we bring forward-looking materials, ideas and designs into any home.

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  • Eglo Lighting is an international provider of top quality, decorative lighting for living spaces. From living room chandeliers, bathroom and kitchen lighting, to outdoor wall and hanging lanterns, Eglo lights are in touch with what you want, at the price you need.

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  • As ID design company expands our sister site’s design style and trends, we hope that it will widen our demographic and give more exposure to some of these small businesses and makers.

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