About ID Design Co.

As one of the owners of Interior Deluxe, a Luxury Lighting & Home furnishing establishment, I have had the opportunity to work with many clients and customers on their design projects. The more time we spent searching for lighting and design options for our clients, the more aware I became of home decor from smaller businesses or those that support makers both here and overseas.

However, these new vendors/sources did not fit within the Interior Deluxe niche, both in style and accessibility to a wider demographic

When I am sourcing for ID design, I have a few things in mind, and they aren’t in any particular order:

Good Design
Purpose driven brands
Expose new makers

We can’t always achieve ALL the markers, I KNOW that WE as a company can check the box of “PURPOSE DRIVEN BRAND” by personally supporting non profits that hit at least one of the markers– every month. As ID design company expands our sister site’s design style and trends, we hope that it will widen our demographic and give more exposure to some of these small businesses and makers.

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

My heart and passion has ALWAYS been in supporting small business owners, and women entrepreneurs like myself. Then more specifically, small batch, unique makers, and those brands that are Purpose Driven as much as possible.

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