4 Tips to Choose The Right Adjustable Wall Sconce

4 Tips to Choose The Right Adjustable Wall Sconce

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Successful home design is all about creating a welcoming look and feel, and lighting plays a major role. Taking that into consideration is a must when picking an adjustable wall sconce. Choosing the wrong sconce is a quick way to throw off any high-end home design.

If you're worried about making the right choice of sconce, don't worry. Here are some handy tips on picking one that's perfect for your project.

1. Consider What You Want the Light to Do

Lighting has many functions, and it's vital to consider all of them when you're buying an adjustable sconce wall light.

It's all too easy to get stuck on one detail. Imagine you're working on a bedroom renovation and want to put a light next to the bed.

You might consider lighting from an aesthetic point of view first, focusing on accent illumination and the lamp's look. As much as clients want their homes to look great, they sometimes also have a habit of reading in bed. In that case, you have to balance their needs with your aesthetic concerns as you pick a fixture.

Most adjustable wall sconces are multi-purpose. Modern lighting trends combine the best of form and function. However, some wall sconces are more ideal for reading and completing other tasks that need strong light than others are.

Make sure to consider this design choice from all angles, and never forget that prospective homeowners often fail to consider their long-term lighting needs.

Talk to your clients about what they want to help them achieve that goal while helping them avoid oversight. A fashionable sconce with a limited range and warm glow may achieve the bedroom mood your client wants at the moment. Still, they may be disappointed down the road if they're trying to read or searching for their glasses, and the sconce isn't helpful.

Keeping all the different functions of home lighting when making your initial decisions limits that kind of frustration in the future.

2. Be Sure the Adjustable Wall Sconce Isn't in the Way

Have you ever been in a kitchen where you can't use the fridge and oven at the same time because the doors bump into each other? How about a room so crowded, you struggle to squeeze through the maze of furniture?

There's nothing more awkward than spaces so dysfunctional that design elements don't fulfill their purposes. As handy as adjustable wall sconces are, they can be a culprit if you aren't careful.

Swing-arm wall sconces are a great multi-purpose feature. When picking one, it's easy to forget one thing: For an adjustable wall sconce like that to work well, it needs enough space to move. 

Say you want a long-armed bedside wall sconce, for example. Make sure there's enough room in the room for it to turn all the way and to place it high enough to make it useful. If you don't consider the length of an adjustable wall sconce's arm and how far it moves in all directions, it might get in the way.

The worst placement produces a light that blocks spaces and bumps into homeowners in their rooms.

In most cases, users can adjust poorly-placed sconces to "good enough" positions. Yet, "good enough" is never good enough for high-end home design. Always think ahead and take measurements to pick out a sconce that works for your client and their space.

3. Don't Forget Your Design's Color Scheme

Quality light is a must for any designer trying to do justice to colorful home designs. What designers and clients sometimes fail to remember is that the lamps lighting the room are also part of the color scheme.

Most professionals do indeed consider sconce color when designing a space. Yet, it's easy to lose track as you and your client start making final choices.

Focusing too much on the sconce's form is one common reason designers go wrong with wall lamp color. If you find the perfect shape of lamp, the fact the finish doesn't match could slip your mind. You're near-guaranteed to regret the decision by the end of the project, so resist it.

Another temptation to fight when trying to maintain a color scheme is giving your client all the finishes they want without question. It's important to keep homeowners happy, but at least try to explain why the sconce color they chose doesn't fit the design before changing it. A few clients refuse to budge, but many give the first color they approved a second chance.

Sticking to your color scheme when picking out adjustable wall sconces is key to ending a project with happy clients. It's also valuable because doing so could make the design you're working on a career-boosting candidate for your portfolio.

4. Don't Ignore the Power Source

When buying a car, choosing between electric, hybrid, and gasoline vehicles is one of the biggest parts of the decision. If you think of picking a power source as something important to your choice of wall sconce, reconsider.

The typical wall sconce most people picture when thinking of the feature is electric and built into the wall. Users control it using a wall switch, smart home controller, or a similar method. Before you decide on one of those, consider other adjustable sconce power sources.

The most common alternate version is the plug-in adjustable sconce. They're convenient if you don't want to or can't install a wall switch. You could also consider candle sconces and oil-burning lamp sconces for more unique and old-fashioned designs.

Brighten Your Next Project's Outlook

Choosing the right lighting lays the foundation for a successful home design. These tips for picking out an adjustable wall sconce will improve your upcoming projects and ensure you get the mood right in your designs.

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