Lighting a Modern Bedroom

Lighting a Modern Bedroom

Your bedroom is perhaps the only space in your house, where you go for comfort and relaxation, since it’s your spot in the house hence it should be cozy and comfy. This warmness can be achieved without a snug lighting, one that oozes and radiates calmness. People tend to over-do when it comes to bedroom lighting and turn up converting their bedroom into an exhibition room, remember that bedroom is a private space and not a room where every guest walks into, hence bedroom especially should be garnered to your taste. While you do this, do remember that it is the place where you should find peace and tranquility, here are few tips which would help you achieve both these.

Layering is key
When it comes to bedroom lighting, layering is perhaps the most important thing, since bedroom is a multi-tasking room, it is used as a study, you would also need some light to get ready for work and it is the place where you come and sleep. Hence it is crucial that you maintain a perfect balance of ambient, recessed and task lighting. Moreover this could not be achieved without dimmers, hence try to go for the pieces which come with built-in dimmers as they could be used for multiple tasks, depending on the time and mood.

Light color is important
Now this is something, which you might not be aware of, nowhere else in the house, you might be worried about the light color, but here you are thinking about the color of light in your bedroom. Each color comes with its own benefits, for instance blue color instills attentiveness and hence could be used for downward fixtures such as Copper Round Shade 45 cm Pendant Light, for reading a book. Similarly white and yellow have soothing effect, and hence could be used for normal wall fixtures such as Pipistrello Table Lamp.

Sconces are in trend
Sconces have recently become the go-to pieces of illumination experts, primarily owing to their uncanny ability to adapt in any given environment and setting. Wall sconces can be doubled up as artificial pieces and primary lighting sources, since pieces like Dianelli Shield Wall Sconces and Dianelli Wall Sconces fulfill both roles aptly. Sconces can be placed virtually anywhere in the room, however the perfect place would be a couple of feet above your side tables. This way they could be utilized as light sources too.

Add floor lamps for the oomph
Floor lamps are usually considered outdoor pieces; however they could be used in the contemporary bedroom as well. In fact if you’ve got a futuristic setting then it could serve as a perfect finish to your already alluring ambiance. Pieces like

Tizio Floor lamp and Las 376 Floor Lamp could be placed at the side of bed or even if you want to try something different you could place them in a corner, they would not only serve as a central piece but also as a primary illumination source.

Bedroom lighting should serve as an extension of your personality, as it is a private space and you would want to add some of your personal flavor to the lighting layout. Whatever you do just take care of the fact that bedroom is a multitasking room, hence you should have ample options to play around as there might be times when you would need bright light and on other times you might be craving a soothing and calming light, hence take care of both moods.

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